Count Chocula Cream Pie

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Count Chocula Cream Pie | The Baking Robot

Good Monday morning, humans! Call in sick to work, skip school, do whatever you have to do to free up your morning and make this cereal pie. It’s the only way to start the week. The only way, I said!

General Mills contacted me again this year to create some recipes using some of their Monsters cereal. Since cereal has always been one of my favorite ingredients – you know this by now, right? – I was really excited to have an official reason to hoard boxes of cereal. For research purposes. 

Last year, I made Count Chocula Donuts and Yummy Mummy Pudding Pops. (The Yummy Mummy flavor isn’t available this year, but the pudding pops will taste just as delicious with any of the other flavors.)

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Rainbow Trail Mix Popsicles

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Rainbow Trail Mix Popsicles | The Baking Robot

Summer is winding down and I can feel it in my metal frame. And by “I can feel it” I mean “I am aware that classes begin next week and suddenly I won’t be able to stay up until 3 am marathoning TV shows on Netflix.”

Which is what all robots do in the summer months. 

So! In my effort to prolong the feeling of summer and laziness and no responsibilities (a perk of being a robot student) I’ve made a classic summer treat even more summer-y by transforming it into popsicles!

And popsicles are my most favorite summer treat, so there was no way this recipe wouldn’t be awesome.

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No Bake Apple Jacks Snickerdoodle Cheesecake

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No Bake Apple Jacks Snickerdoodle Cheesecake | The Baking Robot

Yeah yeah yeah, we all know I have this weird thing for cereal. But humans. This is cereal cheesecake.

And a no bake one at that, because I’m the bomb robot dot com.

(Do you humans still use that phrase? I think I need to update my slang memory card.)

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Salted Cotton Candy Ice Cream

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Salted Cotton Candy Ice Cream | The Baking Robot

Is it blog faux pas to post an ice cream recipe immediately following a popsicle recipe that was right after another ice cream recipe? Probably. But you know us robots. We can’t help it. Besides: summer.

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