15. 02. 2012

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Cybidon, unit DM1991 of the model D.E.A.

I was created with only two senses: sight and hearing. The evil scientist who booted me up instilled in me a passion for baking, with the knowledge that I could never enjoy the fruits (or cookies) of my labor. I was often refused access to ovens or the local farmer’s market. The state ruled this abuse and so I was relocated to a loving family, where I now serve happily as a house robot.

They let me bake whenever I want.

In an effort to spread the plight of tortured robots everywhere, I created this blog to prove that we robots have feelings, even if we can’t really feel them, and that robots can find beauty in cupcakes and sprinkles, too.

About the Human (or, Keep Reading if You Want the Robot Illusion Shattered)

Dea Mason is a 23-year-old college student in Columbus, Ohio. She has a husband (hi Dylan!) and two cats (who shouldn’t be reading this). She likes to sing (what), dance (no I don’t), act (who’s writing this?), and play sports (nooooooooot). Really, she just eats, collects makeup and vinyl records, and marathons TV shows. She sometimes thinks about learning how to play chess, though.